The Path to No Path

Welcome to my web site

My aim is to share with you something of what I have learned so far in this life, things that perhaps may be of interest to you, and perhaps even useful to you.

I do not have any axe to grind; I do not aim to convert you to any ideas expressed here. I certainly do not intend to tell you what you should be doing with your life, or indeed that you should change your life in any way. I merely hope that perhaps I can help to clarify a few things.

In this web site you can read what I have learned about why people feel unhappy in their lives, how they create their unhappiness themselves, and how to be free of this unhappiness. I will discuss the causes of suffering and the ways people try in vain to avoid it. I discuss various beliefs that people have, beliefs that trap them in their suffering. I discuss the approaches to personal growth, via therapy or meditation, and show that therapy need only be a stage to be passed through.

I discuss some aspects of Buddhism, in particular Theravadan Buddhism, although I am no longer a Buddhist, and I suggest an idea of what it might mean to be free of all suffering.

Finally, for good measure, I throw in a fair amount of biographical material, even though I know that this touches a raw nerve with some people, some of whom have told me that such material should not be mentioned. I believe that such people focus on the so-called negativity, and thereby fail to see the positive aspects.

About the Title

The 'path' referred to in the name of this web site refers to the idea of a journey towards being a better person, or being free from suffering, or being enlightened (whatever that means). In the beginning, there certainly appears to be a path one can take, even if one is not quite sure as to what exactly it might be.

As one progresses along this path, it seems to gradually disappear from under one's feet. And indeed, why limit yourself to a path, when you can now wander anywhere you wish to go? And is there anywhere to go to, any longer?

Finding things on this site

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If you should wish to contact me about anything you have read here, especially if you feel strongly for or against what you have read, or if you feel that something is missing, I offer you an opportunity to share.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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