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I have tried to share with you here a little of what I have learnt in my search for happiness and my discovery of the bliss of not searching. There are many things that I have not written about, not even in my book. I would be surprised if someone, having carefully read what I have chosen to offer, did not have some genuine questions, or comments to make, or even perhaps complaints that I have been unfair.

Therefore, I think it is more than appropriate that I offer you a way to have your say in return, an opportunity to respond. I look forward to reading whatever it is that you wish to share.

However, nowadays I receive hundreds of spam emails every single day. Therefore, to try to ensure that your sharing reaches me without being thrown automatically into the junk folder, it is necessary that you use the form below.

I appreciate that this seems impersonal, but I assure you that I will answer as soon as I can to any genuine message, and will enclose a copy of your message along with my reply. This is, of course, if you supply an email address.

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May all beings be well. May all beings be at peace.

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If you should wish to contact me about anything you have read here, especially if you feel strongly for or against what you have read, or if you feel that something is missing, I offer you an opportunity to share.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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